Let the world hear your voice
Let the world hear your voice

Media Matrix Digital Asset Intellectual Property Application Matrix Aggregate Distribution

MUSK has been invested by Li Xiaolai, Xue Manzi and other famous investors!
Build the new media industry system and distributed economic ecology with
blockchain technology as the ground, copyright, assets, content and project incubation as the core


About MUSK

  • Copyright Establishment and Digital AssetsTrading

    Reserve, confirm, trace, protect and transact copyrights for media accounts, IP copyrights, advertising resources and movies

  • Centralized content distribution and new content consumption system

    Low threshold realization and multi-value system of original works, building a new media ecosystem of intelligence, autonomy and prosperity

  • High-quality projects and IP incubation

    Under decentralized ecosystem, high-quality projects aquiremore resources, more opportunities for fund-raising and project



    Mainly responsible for the MUSK Affiliate Chain‘s legal, personnel, financial matters

  • Japan MUSK Corporation

    Mainly responsible for MUSK Affiliate Chain’s promotion, community establishment maintenance and technical support.

  • Zhejiang Media Group

    Mainly responsible for business operations of MUSK Affiliate Chain’s incubator project "Bit Finance".

Development Process

Cooperation Projects

Under a decentralized ecosystem, potential high-quality projects can access more resources and get more funding opportunities and project guidance
MUSK appoints Mass Media Group to be responsible for ecological community in China for its establishment of media alliance and multi-cooperation At present, MUSK and the Mass Media Group cooperation projects are: Bit Finance and Doge-eggsAlliance

  • Nine Finance
    (Blockchain all media financial platform)

    According to the design and release of open source software and building on its blockchain (technology, trust, value), encrypted digital currency and the Internet, new media, IP composition, it takes blockchain as the starting point of all-media financial platform. Committed to the refinement, depth, cohesion of thefinancial content output, and integrated packaging and delivery authority of the entire network of media matrix.

  • Doge-eggs Alliance
    (dog themed IPs derivative collection platform)

    "Doge-eggs Alliance" is an original IP derivative collection platform that takes the blockchain as its entry point. It devotes itself to discovering domestic good cartoon image designers and authors of cartoon content, and combining outstanding production and supply chain of derivatives, together create a dog-themed IP Derivatives brand that has both temperature and attitude.

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